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Mini-Gamez© is an ever-growing catalog of competitive PVP/PVE games with valuable prizes up for grabs! Players around the world compete in fun, interactive games to gain experience, collect leader board points, and if they

are skilled enough… WIN amazing items. Mini-Gamez is the portal to everything competitive gaming.  It allows players to not only enjoy quality games, but reward them for their time with one-of-a-kind collectables. Learn about new projects via our partnered events, compete in limited season passes and climb your way to the top of the leader boards. Are you prepared to win? 

Fox Den Studios provides its players with the world’s largest (and growing) catalog of miniature, competitive games known as "Mini-Gamez". Each bite-sized game brings a unique play style and challenge. Gamers around the world can find something they enjoy playing while looking forward to new games and changes in future updates. All games are tied to one central leader board which opens the opportunity for gamers to play games they truly enjoy while climbing the global rankings.

Players will be able to collect special NFT's (Non-fungible tokens) while playing our games. This will include Avatars, in-game wearables, Loot Eggs, as well as rare partner exclusive items. Each item is already backed on the blockchain via Enjin SDK as a ERC-1155 asset and comes with a limited supply. You can sell, buy and trade your items and collect from an ever-growing inventory that will help you advance in the game. To make things interesting, Avatars and in-game items level up with game play, bringing a special twist to earned items. Each time you play, you are earning the chance to increase your winnings and become the ultimate Mini-Gamez collector.    

Avatar Rarity




Wearable Rarity




Mini-Gamez is all about season game play. Our leader boards reset quarterly to encourage players to compete, level up and earn new prizes along the way. In addition, we will be holding special, limited time events with our partners. These events will give you the chance to win custom-made partner items only available on our platform. Furthermore, gain access to our season pass and you’ll receive an item EVERY time you level up. Reach level 100 in the season and receive a limited-edition Avatar! However, season passes are not required by the player to enjoy our games and win prizes. They simply offer a chance for those serious gamers to win cool loot while competing against your peers for top placements.

Not only is our platform designed to bring the best gaming experience possible to mobile gaming, but it also gives us the opportunity to onboard partners into our gaming world. Partners receive several crucial marketing benefits that would otherwise be unobtainable. We are building a suite of tools to help projects with ZERO blockchain and gaming experience to create custom NFT's, hold events in game and connect with an eager audience.  All of this through a fun, interactive experience. On our platform both players and partners are rewarded for using our game as it is equal parts gaming and partner interaction. We offer many ways to customize the experience for any event. From custom in-game items and Avatars, to partner controlled games and custom rooms/artwork. We are opening the flood gates of possibilities for our partners in 2020 and are eager to help walk you through the entire experience!

Mini-Gamez is a work of epic proportions! So, as such, we have had a mindset of build, build, build from day one. While it is important to give the players something to play with, we feel responsible to give you the best experience possible in our games. With that said, we are happy to announce we are nearing the first playable version of our platform. In addition, we will soon be sending invites to those who are interested in play testing our iconic platform! How it works.....

Through a series of waves, we will release invitations to players to test out our platform. Starting with our Fox Den FT hodlers, down to our community members! 

Fox Den FT




Sign up today to become a part of our growing community and be one of the earliest participants in our public game testing phase!


Email: Fox@foxdenstudios.io

@Desertfox721 on Telegram

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