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Introducing Mini-Gamez!

First up, what is Mini-Gamez? You might be wondering: What IS Mini-Gamez? Well, dear seeker of everything crypto gaming, Mini-Gamez is an ever-growing catalog of bite sized, competitive PVP/PVE games with real Crypto Prizes up for grabs. Mini-Gamez is played by players around the world via mobile platforms. Each and every mini-game offers a unique gaming experience and boasts a set of challenges, rules and game play unique to that Mini-Game. You will compete in these various mini-games to win “Mini Coins”, which are the in game currency of Mini-Gamez platform. Mini Coins are in game tokens collected to keep score on a periodically resetting global leader board. At the end of a Season (roughly 3 months), the players at the top of the leader board will be awarded various prizes such as tokens, in game skins, Avatars and much more! Prizes and seasons will change on the regular and special limited time events will occur from time to time! Let’s take a look at exactly how this system works!

Dem Games! Each Game is completely unique and different from one another. You can be playing a quiz game one moment and jump over to a racing game the next. Our platform is designed to bring new and fresh games on the regular, while maintaining a fair and fun points system across all our games. Each game played generates “Mini Coins” depending on how well you play the game. Mini Coins track your progress and allows you to jump in and out of games without any concern. Each game is unique, different and fun in its own way. No two games will be alike and each new game will promise to give the player a completely different experience. Furthermore, we will be taking feedback from the community to work alongside you all to provide games that will bring new value each time. Mini Coins Mini Coins are the in game system to track leader board positions. After each game a player is awarded Mini Coins depending on how well they finished the game. The better you do, the more Mini Coins you earn and thus move up on the leader board. Each game offers Mini Coins at the end of the game. Prizes are awarded to players based on location on the leader board. The higher up you are the better the prizes! Mini Coins can only be earned by playing games and we will not offer any form of paid services for people to purchase them. If you want to be the best, you have to bring your A-game. However, there are ways to increase the overall return on Mini Coins after each game. Let’s take a look at how this can be accomplished.

Multipliers Each Avatar within Mini-Gamez has a set Multiplayer attached to the Avatar itself. The higher the rarity of the Avatar the bigger the multiplier. At the end of each game the player will receive Mini Coins. This Mini Coin total will be multiplied by the number that reflects the Avatar used during the game. For example. If you own a Miracle Grade Avatar (highest Rating in the game) and you finish with 10 Mini-Coins you will then get a multiplier of x0.4. This means you would take 10 x 0.4 = 4 to equate exactly how much extra Mini-Coins you will earn. Thus, you would end up with 10 Mini Coins plus an additional 4 Mini Coins for the multiplier. Currently, we have a set multiplier for each Avatar rarity. We currently have no plans of introducing any other form of score multipliers as we don’t want a PAY to WIN system. The multiplier is meant to be close depending on rarity to one another but enough to want to seek higher grade Avatars for that slightly larger boost.

Avatars Avatars are used to play games within our platform. Each Avatar is Minted as an ERC1155, backed by ENJ token and has a set supply. This means that your in game Avatars not only serve a purpose within the game itself but are backed by cryptocurrency and have value based off scarcity. Furthermore, Avatars can be traded, collected and sold between accounts and online. Simply put, you own your Avatar 100% and it all can be tracked via blockchain data. Avatars come in 4 rarity levels at the moment (common, rare, Epic and Miracle) The rarer the Avatar the less the total supply of that Avatar. Avatars are used within the game itself in a number of ways. Some games will allow you to actually control your Avatar in the game itself. In other instances, where Avatars aren’t required for the game they will still have a use. For example, some games won’t have the need for an Avatar to play. In these games, equipped Avatars will provide special power ups that pertain directly to that game. However, each Avatars powers are different. So, while it might be wise to have an Avatar equipped for one game you might want to swap them out for another Avatar in another game to fit your play style. Each Avatar will bring new play styles, abilities or visual esthetics into every game. Because of this, players will want to collect a variety or Avatars to swap out in each game. Avatars are very important part of Mini-Gamez and each new Avatar will bring changes to the way you play the games. Miracle Avatar “Ninja Kitsune”Each Avatar will display a number of properties on the ERC1155 token itself. F (This is the generation of the Avatar. The first set of minted Avatars are called “founders” and as such, they display an F) M (This is the Rarity of the Avatar. In this case this Avatar is a Miracle Grade) X0.4 (This is the multiplier the card will provide to your Mini Coins wins) LVL 1 (Avatars will gain levels 1–100 and at level 100 will get to ascend. This will bring new visual upgrades to the Avatar both in game and on the card) In Game Items In addition to Avatars Mini-Gamez will also have in game items. These items can be equipped to your Avatar and have a very important feature. In game items will be equipped in the Item menu and will provide an experience boost to the end of each game. Getting to level 100 with your Avatar can take some time. So, to help you out, each in game item will have its own rarity like the Avatars and it’s own multiplier. However, these won’t be multiplying your Mini Coins. In game item multipliers are applied to your Avatars total experience gained. These numbers are still be adjusted and play tested but essentially the higher the rarity of in game item and the more you have equipped the faster you will level your Avatar. Each in game item, like the Avatars, are minted and backed via ERC1155 and have real ENJ value to them. This means each in game item can be traded, sold or melted. In game items will provide a unique way for players to collect, trade and level their Avatars. Golden eggs are the gaming equivalent of loot crates. Each Golden Egg contains a number of in game items or Avatars. The rarer the item, the lower the chance to obtain it. Golden Eggs will be opened within Mini-Gamez itself and each item will be sent directly to your wallet. Golden Eggs can be purchased or won via competitions and from winning individual Mini-Gamez. Furthermore, Golden Eggs are ERC-1155 tokens and can be traded or sold between gamers. Seasons / Season Passes Mini-Gamez will hold 4 Seasons of competitive game play (3 month increments). Each season will reset the leader board and bring a whole new bath of prizes to be won. All players will start with ZERO Mini Coins and the competition will start anew. Each season will bring new changes and updates along with new content. During each season players can purchase “Season Passes” to acquire even more precious loot. However, players who don’t want to purchase a season pass can still win loot and prizes. Season pass holders will simply have access to more prizes to win and will work towards leveling their Season Pass to obtain those prizes. Each Season will feature a unique set of prizes with the last prize always being a Miracle grade Avatar. Season passes start at level 1 and with each game played you will get experience towards your Season Pass. At each level Season Pass holders will get something. This means each Season Pass will hold 100 prizes for players to earn. Season Passes WILL NOT aid your game play in any way or give you additional Mini-Coins. Owning a Season Pass does not give ANY in game advantage over players who have not obtained one. They simply are a way for players to earn extra loot as they play. Final Thoughts Mini-Gamez is aimed to bring the ultimate gaming experience to blockchain while providing the opportunity for companies and projects to join in on the fun. We aim to provide a gaming experience that is equal parts games and project awareness. We are just beginning to scratch the surface and will continue to give you sneak peaks into our platform. Next up I will be explaining how projects from all over the crypto space can join in on the fun by having us mint custom ERC1155 tokens and implementing them directly into our prize pool. This plus MUCH more to explain in the next update! If you are looking to get your project or token exposure, you won’t want to miss the next update. Catch you all in the next installment, Later.

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