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Mini-Gamez More Than Just a Game!

What more could Mini-Gamez possibly offer?

Today we will be talking about the many use cases that Mini-Gamez offers and how a company, project or startup in AND out of the blockchain space can utilize our platform. Mini-Gamez isn’t just a game, it’s so much more than that. I will take you through the many benefits and opportunities our platform provides and explain step by step how anyone can use these tools to help grow their business and reach more individuals. When creating Mini-Gamez we wanted to make a platform that was fair, fun and completely unique. One that can be played by all ages, across all continents and at the same time, be a wonderful way to market your business/idea in a way that isn’t filled with adds and bothersome marketing tactics. By using our platform, you are actively engaging with players on a level that they are familiar with. Gamers compete, play games and play their way through the whole experience. So, let’s get started!

Problems with current marketing systems

In today's world more and more individuals are becoming accustom to any and all marketing tactics. In fact, the average human can see upwards of 4,000 ADS A DAY! The simple truth is, we are constantly having ads thrown in our face on TV, the Internet, Radio and you can’t walk down the road without an Add being thrown in your direction. We are so used to the process that now more than ever humanity is quickly becoming numb and accustomed to each and every attempt to grab our attention. Humans are developing almost a natural instinct to drown out the BS and move along with their lives. After all, we all are incredibly busy in our daily lives and more so now than ever, do we appreciate our own time immensely. Companies are utilizing ANY and all tactics possible to reach out to individuals in an attempt to capture just a moment of your time and attention.

However, these tactics are becoming mundane, tedious at best and are quickly forming into a burden for you and I. We simply don’t want to be advertised to in the current format. It was with this thought that drove Fox Den Studios to not only create a wonderful gaming platform but one that can help reach target audiences in a NON-intrusive way. A system that is fair, fun and unique….. after all, that is one of our core values! When building Mini-Gamez we felt it important to take these ideas and concepts and apply them in a way that both gamers and companies feel is fair and valuable. So how are we going to make that happen? Below we will highlight our strategy to accomplish this goal and explain in detail the process from start to finish.

How it all starts

Each and every Mini-Game is designed to be tied directly to a global Leaderboard. Players can play a growing catalog of games to increase their score and move up the leaderboard. Fox Den Studios will be working to distribute prizes to top players at the end of each and every season. With that said, we will have our own in game items, NFT’s and much more to win. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Through our platform, crypto companies can opt to use our platform to give away tokens, NFT’s or anything else they wish to give out. This is done by directly making the prizes available to winners within the game. Currently, after each season ends, we plan to have a group of crypto projects native currency or NFT readily available to distribute to winners via smart contracts. At the beginning of each season we will announce the partners who will be joining in on the overall prize pool. But how does this benefit the project?

Before each seasons start we will be marketing directly on our platform as well within ALL our social media sites. This means that as players get excited and ready to compete, we will be announcing new partners and driving direct attention to the project itself. It doesn’t stop there though as this is only the start. When the season starts each player will be competing in daily games and challenges to earn Mini Coins (in game points system). As the players compete, they will be actively learning about the projects as they work their way up the leader board for that sweet, sweet loot. However, some of our games (our quiz game for one) will give a player the opportunity to earn our partners coins via a prize wheel. If a player is successful and is able to win a quiz game, they will be taken to a prize wheel screen to win in game items, NFT’s and tokens provided by our partner. This means that not only can you win a large bag of tokens by being a top placement on the global leader board but you can also have a shot at winning tokens directly in game each and every time you play.

That’s great and all but how do the companies benefit?

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which companies can benefit from this.

  1. The company receives attention and drives excitement via our partner notification on social media and in game. Players will want to know what they are competing for and will track/follow each new announcement as they get excited for the seasons start.

  2. Players have an opportunity to earn native tokens just by playing games. When a player wins tokens, they are distributed via smart contract directly into the players wallet. Players are then not only earning tokens but as studies have shown, when an individual owns a token, they are much more likely to want to continue to hold and explore that token. This in turn, will naturally have the players do the following.

a) conduct additional research as they want to know what the coin is they hold and how it works.

b) want to trade and promote the token naturally as they want to see its value increased as to possibly make an earning off of it.

c) want to collect more as to increase their total bag value and thus begins the collecting process.

3. Partners can utilize our popular platform to drive traction on their end as well via social media. If approved, they can count on a growing community of active players to participate each and every day. With this, partners can market to the world how they were accepted onto the platform and give their community a place to game, chat and talk about the projects token.

From start to finish each and every aspect of the partnership is one that benefits both the players AND the partners. It’s a simple yet very effective way to reach out to a large and wide group of individuals. In fact, the average “video game player” ranges from 18–50+ years old. Gaming isn’t just for teens and kids anymore. Last year alone, there was just as many 18 and under gamers as there was 50 and over. The gap widens with each passing year and older generations are now enjoying more and more games. This is surprising when you combine it with the fact that the other 40% or so of gamers fall into the 18–49 year range. It’s easy to see how gamifying ANY project or idea can really benefit a company. But wait, it gets better! Last year alone over 2.4 BILLION people around the world played video games. It quite possibly is one of the fastest growing markets and at the same time used far less than any other marketing tactic. However, companies have struggled to connect with the gaming community and often fall short on doing so. This is where Mini-Gamez is making a difference!

What if I am a company that doesn’t have a token/NFT to give out or isn’t a “Blockchain” company at all?

We got this covered as well! When a possible partner approaches us but doesn’t have any experience in the space or simply doesn’t have a product that is blockchain related we will step in and make it happen for them. How will we do this? We will be minting and creating custom ERC1155 NFT’s for each approved partner. This means that each partner will require ZERO knowledge of crypto but will have access to creating custom NFT’s to give away on our platform. Let’s take a look at an example of how this work.

  • Fox Burgers is a burger chain who wants to market their product on our platform. First, they are approved on our platform by applying through our partnership program.

  • We will then work directly with them to create ideas and concepts for custom NFT’s. We can provide the artwork or they can create it themselves. In this example Fox Burgers wants to create an NFT with their logo and one with a photo of their bestselling burger. We will then mint a supply of NFT’s with the requested artwork and parameters.

  • When the partner approves the NFT we will then apply them directly into our game platform and announce it via our social media platforms. The players then will directly compete to win the NFT’s and thus Fox Burgers gets to advertise their company and delicious burger to the world!

No matter how random or disconnected from crypto the project is the partner can still advertise on our platform while at the same time bringing their company into the spotlight of the crypto community. It will give ALL companies a chance to join in on the growing crypto community and at the same time market to a huge gamer base of dedicated gamers. The players get to win and collect Fox Burgers NFT’s (backed by ENJ which have REAL value) and in return the company gets to get its product and image out. It’s a perfect partnership where ALL individuals involved benefit and everyone wins!

It doesn’t stop there!

I know, I know, how could we possibly add more? Well it gets better! In addition to competitive season for our partners to market on, we have taken it one step further. Partners can choose to hold custom events and competitions at their full control. While it is cheaper and easier for us to take the ropes and handle everything, we understand that not everyone wants to have us take full control. Some companies want to have a more active approach with their communities and want to have a hand in all the fun. For this, we are creating custom leader boards which will be tied directly to the partner and separate from our main competitions. In order to make this work we will be implementing a set of tools as explained below.

Each partner will be given access to a set of tools that will allow them to control a number of aspects from start to finish. This includes the following.

  • Ability to start AND stop competitions at any time.

  • Ability to turn games OFF and ON giving the partner the ability to choose which games get played.

  • Custom time frames, players allowed and prize distribution for each event.

  • Their own admin login to control ALL aspects of the event or competition.

  • Marketing tools to announce events on our social media platforms and in game.

  • The ability to mint custom tokens and distribute them via smart contracts in easy to use format with no prior crypto knowledge needed.

  • Full set of tools to monitor activity, track player progress and see exactly how each player is involved (data analytics built in)

  • Full support from Fox Den Studios to help in the event that they need anything at all.

  • Custom Chat rooms with admin tools to monitor and chat with your community.

  • More in the works as we continue to develop and receive feedback from our partners.

We will be working to provide the most streamlined process for our partners to accurately host giveaways and events. Development will continue on a regular basis and we will be with our partners each step of the way!

Final thoughts!

As you can clearly see Fox Den Studios is aiming to make Mini-Gamez the ultimate tool to reach one of the world’s fastest and largest growing markets. We will be giving our partners the tools and options to host successful marketing campaigns and grow their business through a fully interactive gaming experience. All of which will benefit both the players and the partners we onboard into our platform. However, it won’t end there. As we continue to develop, we will continue to launch new tools and updates to help all our partners not only host successful events but also market, reward and grow their communities along the way. It is the yin to the yang and we are excited to get these tools out to our partners and for our gamers to start earning and learning! These tools will come shortly after our alpha and will be the next major milestone for Fox Den studios and the crypto community.

If you are a developer, business owner or simply want to grow your community and online presence this will be the ultimate set of tools to get it done. We look forward to working with a number of projects and partners. If you are interested in getting on boarded into our early test programs let us know! Simply shoot an email to and we will happily walk you through the rest.

Got more questions or want to join in?

Write us up on on of our many social media platforms.


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